About us


Juno & Star is minimal + chic label for babies & kids.

Easy fabrics, classic styles, muted shades, playful details, fine prints and exquisite embroidery is what defines our clothes. We take immense pride in our Gender-Neutral range.

Our clothes are designed to make sure the kids are comfortable and look gorgeous. We are not a casual wear brand - We are a 'dress-up' brand.


When I became a mom, I was constantly in search of all things pretty and different for my child, especially during my travels. I scouted for quaint boutiques rather than walking into malls. The simplicity and quality offered by some of these quaint boutiques was exquisite. Some of the owners were mums and just really passionate about good quality and minimal, classic designs. This inspired me to start Juno & Star.


A lot of the styles are inspired by characters and the era of books I read while growing up. Those books represented an age of innocence and simplicity. At Juno & Star our endeavour is to preserve bits of it, always.


All the products are designed and made in my studio in India. We try to make clothes that are simple yet exquisite, impeccable in quality and keeping in mind all the considerations a mother would. The products are made with meaning and care, and the production process is honest and sincere.

We try to make as few mistakes as we can, but like any small business we will learn with each one make. 

What makes me happy is to know that I made a mom happy, by making her child something she thought was truly special.  

I hope you enjoy our collection x